Pirate Poetry:

A Playful Adventure

Written and illustrated by Jan Jang

This hilarious pirate crew is QUIRKY!  Will they find a treasure? run out of food? battle big beasts? or disappear with a mysterious POP?

Set sail on an extraordinary poetic voyage across the sea with clear explanations of each type of verse. Enjoy a witty crew haiku, an ode to the captain’s beloved eyepatch, a limerick with a surprise ending, as well as many vivid graphic comics and fun pirate activities.

Pirate Poetry will motivate children to read and write poetry, and is the playful unique treasure needed in every educator’s and young reader’s collection. Whether you’re a fan of poetry, adventure, or the fascinating world of pirates, this book promises to leave you with a smile.

For ages 6 to 10.

Book trailer for PIRATE POETRY:


Types of poems in the book:

(each with an explanation about the poetry)

~ Haiku ~ Free Verse ~ Narrative Poem

~ Lyric ~ Limerick ~ Acrostic ~ Epic

~ Rhyming ~ Concrete ~ Cinquain ~ Ode

Enjoy some fun pirate activities!


This is the quirky pirate crew:

Also enjoy many graphic comics:

Sample narrative poem with explanation:

3 more poem samples: